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We specialise in converting your oral message into a written and editable format

In today鈥檚 digital world, transcription has become an indispensable resource for many professional and business sectors. Converting audio to text not only facilitates access to information but also makes the content more accessible and easier to understand.聽

At Overseas Translations, we are committed to providing swift and accurate transcription services that will help you get the most out of your audiovisual assets, thus enabling more effective communication and efficient data storage.

What is transcription?

Transcription is the painstaking process of converting audio or video recordings into text. This task requires attention to detail to ensure that every word, phrase and sound is captured accurately.聽

Transcription is essential to many fields, including education, law, medicine and business, as it facilitates access to, review and analysis of verbal content. By transcribing, you create a tangible resource that can be reviewed, shared and stored for future reference.

Benefits of transcribing audio to text

Transcribing audio to text offers various advantages.聽

  • First, it facilitates the content review and analysis process, thereby allowing for a deeper comprehension.聽
  • It improves accessibility for the hearing impaired and provides a basis for effective search engine indexing, which is key to online visibility.聽
  • In addition, transcripts can be an important study or reference resource as they preserve crucial information in an organised and easily accessible manner.
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What kinds of transcription do we supply?

At Overseas Translations, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of transcription services as we can transcribe uneditable texts, audios, videos, images, interviews and conversations, documentaries, films, training material and tutorials, and the like.聽

We cater to the legal, medical, academic, business and many other sectors.

Hire a transcription services provider

When you hire a transcription services provider like Overseas Translations, you gain the support of a team of professional transcribers dedicated to providing a highly reliable service.聽

Our expertise, skills and advanced technology combine to yield swift and accurate results. Moreover, you can complement the transcription service with a translation service, our one-stop solution for all your language and communication needs.

At Overseas Translations, we strive to understand and cater to the needs of each project. Our tailored approach guarantees that you receive transcription solutions that perfectly suit your requirements, both in terms of the language and the delivery format.聽

Our team is trained to handle projects of any size and complexity, assuring accuracy, confidentiality and satisfaction every step of the way. Contact us today and take the first step towards effective management of your audio and video content.聽

Overseas Translations guarantees quality and satisfaction. We allow you to focus on what you do best while you leave the transcription to us.

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