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Do you need to translate your website, e-commerce store or digital marketing project?

We are creative experts in communication, digital marketing and online sales for your website content translations. Not only will we translate your message into another language, but your website or e-commerce store will stand out from competitors. Our translation services will get your message to your target audience in a natural way, while retaining the original style and SEO terminology to enhance and reach your SEO goals.

Our speciality:
new markets
Our goal:

the global success of your business

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If you wish to increase sales and achieve your business objectives, all website, e-commerce store, SEO or blog content that aims to target an international audience must not only be translated correctly, but also attract the audience and win their loyalty. Leave it to us!

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed, but even more so the scalability and internationalisation of websites and your business must keep up. If you have a website, blog or any other space with commercial and marketing content, don鈥檛 wait any longer to let Overseas take you around the world with our multilingual translation services.

We keep abreast of globalisation and internationalisation trends. If you don鈥檛 want to lose your positioning and miss out on capturing customers in new markets, you must ensure your website appeals to other markets and international audiences.

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Our native-speaking translation experts specialised in digital marketing and online communication help to promote your website, e-commerce store, SEO, blog or digital project in the target country. We win your audience鈥檚 loyalty in their language and help you reach your traffic goals. Selling overseas using your website has never been easier. Design an appealing website and let us handle the languages. A good service or product with potential for expanding internationally is what we鈥檙e aiming for.


Do you need a translation in WordPress or another CMS platform?

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Most websites nowadays are built with WordPress or another content management system (CMS). These platforms allow you to export the content of the pages to manage its translation. Our expert team will take care of the rest.

WordPress has the WPML plug-in for multilingual content management: this feature allows you to export all the content you need to translate your website (pages, blog, taxonomies, strings, URLs or menus). The most convenient option for the client is to create a user with translation permissions. Once it鈥檚 done, that鈥檚 where our translation process begins:

  • Select the content to be translated and create different translation tasks.
  • We access the WPML module as a user with the WPML permissions granted and export all the files in XLIFF format (or, if you prefer, you or website manager can export them).
  • We analyse the content and prepare the files for translation while maintaining the HTML tags so as not to alter the website design.
  • Once the translation process has been completed, we perform our internal quality check: we proofread, update the translation memory, create and review the glossary, and ensure to follow the client鈥檚 project-specific guidelines.
  • We recreate the XLIFF files and with a single click import the translations into your website at no extra cost.
  • We check and validate the display of the translated content in the WPML module, ensuring that the formatting, bolding, underlining and all the visual elements of the original website are retained.

Your website is now ready to thrive in any overseas market.

If you鈥檝e built your website with another CMS platform such as Joomla, Drupal, etc., or created your e-commerce store with Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento, etc., we can carry out the translation by translating the generated files (.PO, .CSV, .XML, etc.). If you cannot export website files, we can always translate the content from Word, Excel or whatever format you prefer. Our services are known for their flexibility; we will cater to your needs and ensure you reach your goals.

What we can do for you

  • Translate your website
  • Translate your e-commerce store
  • Turn your blog into a regularly updated multilingual platform
  • Translate and/or localise keywords for your SEO campaign

Do you need your website or
e-commerce store in many languages to expand your business

Overseas has the right tools to help your business sell and grow in the country of your choice.


La experiencia de nuestros clientes satisfechos:

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Chamber of Commerce – Sworn translation
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Overseas Translations language and translation services allowed BlueSun to enter and consolidate its position in new markets.
Overseas Translations supplies ASEPYME with sworn translation services for all labour, tax and accounting matters.
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Overseas Translations provides the ACB with sports translations and assistance in international communication.

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