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Overseas Translations supplies ASEPYME with sworn translation services for all labour, tax and accounting matters.  

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ASEPYME is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that provides professional tax, accounting/financial and labour consulting and management services with a sectoral approach that adapts to every client’s individual needs. An over 35-year track record has made ASEPYME one of the most renowned companies in the sector.

We helped ASEPYME with all the legal and juridical paperwork for their client’s lawsuit.



After presenting us with the case of a lawsuit that had been brought against their client and providing us with all the legal documentation, we offered ASEPYME to undertake sworn translation of all the documents required in the investigation.

Sworn translation, unlike ordinary translation, takes on an official and legal status; it is printed and bears the signature and stamp of a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The sworn translator certifies that the translation is a faithful representation of the original document and makes it valid for presentation before any public body.

Every document required by the government must be translated by a sworn translator.

We work with sworn translators certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, as well as other regional bodies. We supply sworn translation in every language that is certified and valid for all types of official documents for all of Spain. Sworn translation can be presented in virtually every country but may be subject to additional formalities at embassies or consulates, depending on the national laws. Therefore, we always recommend checking all the requirements and procedures with the destination body where the sworn translation is to be presented.



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