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Liaison interpreting, also known as bilateral interpreting, is where the interpreter acts as a mediator or liaison between two people or groups of people by reproducing in the target language all the elements of the conversation between the parties. In this mode, the interpretation is bilateral, i.e. the service goes in both directions, in both languages, in order to reproduce a conversation, meeting or speech fluently.

This service also does not require any technical equipment. It is crucial that the interpreter is physically present with the event participants and can travel with them (in the case of business visits, accompaniment, etc.).

A liaison interpreter should be invisible; his or her only role is to break down as much as possible the communication barriers between two people or groups of people. The professional that provides the service does not interfere either physically or communicatively in the original conversation.

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What are the characteristics of liaison interpreting?

  • An interpreter with an excellent command of both languages
  • Pauses and partial interventions are required to provide immediate translation and allow the other party to interact to continue facilitating the communication
  • No technical equipment or soundproof booths are required
  • Interpreting for bidirectional meetings in two languages. Situations in which two or more speakers of different languages engage in a conversation
  • Suitable for a small number of listeners or attendees

When do we use liaison interpreting?

  • Trade negotiations
  • Diplomatic and trade meetings
  • Medical, hospital and specialist visits
  • Accompaniment
  • Official receptions
  • Lawyers and solicitors
  • Factory, technical, business and sightseeing tours
  • International trade fairs

If you need a liaison interpreting service, get in touch with Overseas Translations. What we guarantee:

  • Certified native-speaking interpreters
  • Experience and qualifications in the sector
  • Custom assessment
  • Worldwide coverage
  • A global network of mother-tongue interpreters
  • Confidentiality, punctuality and attention
  • Coordination and flexibility in organising events

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