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overseas translations ruben
“Perseverance is what
leads you to success”

Rubén Ruiz

CEO & Managing Director

Rubén is at the forefront of the translation industry and the embodiment of firm leadership, unparalleled expertise and innovative spirit. As CEO and Director of Overseas Translations, his role goes beyond being an essential partner and ally for our clients as they internationalise their business; he is the driving force of all operations within the company and someone the team looks up to. Perseverance and impetus are key to success; in combination with a passion for languages and satisfaction from a well executed job they gave rise to Ovserseas Translations. A project so excellent could only have originated from Rubén, whose qualities make him the perfect guide to lead the clients on their journey to internationalisation.

Anna Misiewicz

Co-CEO & Director of Production

“Projection into the future” is Anna’s middle name. For our Co-CEO and Production Director, dreaming big is not enough; the goal must always be clear and defined: provide world-class services and offer cutting-edge language solutions to instill trust in the clients. Her vast experience makes Anna our know-how of the industry and a final push in the digital transformation of our clients. One thing Anna has certainly mastered is the definition of problem-solving: in the face of an obstacle, we must focus not on its source, but on a quick and correct solution. Commitment to the client and outstanding quality should remain above anything else.

overseas translations anna
“Whatever you think,
think bigger”
Translator Emilia
“If opportunity doesn’t knock,
build a door”


Project Manager

In the Overseas dictionary, Emilia stands for “linguistic creativity”. Her inventive way with words stems from the fusion of cultures she grew up surrounded by as well as the invaluable experience gained during her travels and studies abroad. Her unceasing search for stylistic excellence and terminological adequacy in English and Polish—her two native tongues—make Emilia an irreplaceable contribution to our projects and a safe bet in their smooth execution. She combines her fascination with linguistic curiosities and a wealth of fresh ideas as she helps optimise the internal processes and takes active part in our blog.

These are the faces of Overseas; invisible are the hundreds of ISO-certified translators and partners, as well as a large team of professionals (layout designers, voiceover artists, interpreters, audiovisual technicians and many more) with whom we collaborate on a daily basis to ensure utmost excellence in every project.

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