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Overseas Translations post-editing services.聽

In today’s global landscape, communicating accurately in multiple languages is an invaluable asset. Technology has advanced to the point where machine translation has become more accessible, yet still requiring a human touch for authenticity.

At Overseas Translations, we provide high quality post-editing services that enhance machine translation output to ensure that your message is communicated clearly and accurately in any language.

What is post-editing?

Post-editing is the process whereby a professional translator revises and rectifies machine-generated translation to achieve an accurate, coherent and authentic end product.聽

This service is crucial when using machine translation software, which, albeit fast and inexpensive, can lack the subtleties and cultural context that only a human can provide.

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Post-editing: enhancing quality

Our machine translation post-editing service is about elevating the final translation quality by providing the human touch necessary to make the text accurate and intelligible.

Post-editing involves not only rectifying errors but also improving the flow of information and adapting the content to the target audience.

What are the types of post-editing?

Post-editing generally divides into two kinds: light and full.

Light post-editing focuses on correcting glaring errors, while full post-editing implies a more detailed in-depth revision of the text to ensure that the final translation meets your expectations.

What is the difference between post-editing and a regular revision?

The main distinction between post-editing and a traditional revision concerns the origin of the text.聽

While post-editing applies to machine-translated outputs, regular proofreading involves editing human translations.聽

Both are essential to guaranteeing effective and professional communication, but post-editing focuses on adapting machine translations to high quality standards, ensuring that the message remains clear and accurate.

Hire a professional post-editing agency

Choosing a professional post-editing services provider like Overseas Translations is a guarantee of receiving comprehensive personalised results. We offer competitive post-editing rates without compromising on quality.聽

Our post-editing experts are ready to help you perfect your machine translations, be they documents, subtitles or any other type of content.聽

With our support, you can convey your message effectively, leveraging the speed and efficiency of machine translation software without sacrificing quality and accuracy.

Whether you need to post-edit subtitles, documents or whatever other kind of content, we are ready to assist you by enhancing your machine translation and making your voice clear to global audiences.聽

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