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Translation agency in Barcelona

If you are looking for a translation agency in Barcelona, here’s an outline of Overseas Translations’ professional translation services.

Translation agency in Barcelona

Overseas Translations is a translation agency based in the province of Barcelona. We offer translations of all types of texts: ordinary translations, sworn translations, interpreting, as well as services such as DTP (desktop publishing), transcription and subtitling, content creation, SEO optimisation, among others. Our professional translators are native speakers of the target language and specialised in various fields and sectors.

We work with renowned companies from different industries, including some IBEX 35 constituents. Among the most important sectors we operate in are automotive, transport, pharma, medical instruments, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, food and drink, retail, hospitality and restaurant sector. We also have various clients in the media, agriculture and fertiliser, financial, textile, fashion, oil and chemical industries.

In short, our extensive client portfolio and a broad global network of professional translators allows us to cover all our clients’ language and cultural consulting needs.

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Professional translation services at the best rate on the market

To help you with legal and sworn translations, we collaborate with sworn translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And if you need to present the sworn translation in other countries, don’t fret. A priori, translations carried out in Spain are accepted in most countries. Some countries, such as Brazil, only accept sworn translations performed by certified translators from Brazil. We have sworn translators in Brazil and around Europe.

We can also provide advice on the legalisation processes at notary publics, embassies, consulates, the processing of the Hague Apostille or any other procedure required for your legal translations.

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The most frequently translated legal documents include contracts, tenders, certificates, deeds, minutes, annual accounts and suchlike. We take care of every detail, which also includes on-time delivery. We understand well the importance and urgency with which these documents must be handled in order to meet the agreed deadlines.

Legal translations in Barcelona

Our team of professionals comprises mother-tongue, specialist translators supported by our experienced project managers and a technical support team in desktop publishing and software management.

We are one of the few translation companies in Barcelona with both the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 accreditations. We take care of every step of the translation process and as a result we are able to offer translations of the utmost quality.

We apply well-established criteria in hiring professionals (both translators and interpreters) as well as internal staff. We follow a highly complex translation process, from the preparation of files, allocation of human resources and DTP services to the internal review of all translations and quality control. The latter is the cornerstone that separates us from our competitors.

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The advantages of working with a translation agency

There are many benefits to working with a professional translation agency. Among the highlights is the importance we attach to our internal review. We dedicate hours to reviewing all our projects. We read every word, comparing the translation with the original text.

We leave comments on each file and send the translations back to the translators with any doubts or suggestions and await a final approved version. We firmly believe that two pairs of eyes see better than one and follow this rule with success.

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This is especially important in multilingual projects where we standardise ideas, messages, content that should not be translated, such as model and collection names, slogans, etc. We’re also assisted by technology and software capable of detecting inconsistencies, numerical errors, incorrect use of capital letters and punctuation, etc. All with the aim of error reduction.

Finally, at Overseas Translations we are always available. Obviously, freelance translators are usually more cost-effective, but are not always available and do not carry out the post-translation revision. Overseas Translations has many translators at its disposal and if in an urgent case the usual translator is not available, we are able to assign the project to another mother-tongue, specialist translator without wasting a single minute.

Embark on business expansion with Overseas Translations

Whether your company or business is in Barcelona or any other city in Spain, feel free to contact us. With Overseas Translations, meeting all your language and cultural needs has never been more hassle-free.

If you decide to start a project with Overseas, you must know that our team will dedicate all its efforts to translating your files in record time, guaranteeing the utmost quality throughout the entire process.

Put your new internationalisation project in the hands of a translation agency with a high-quality management service. Our workflow ensures the success of our projects. We are also backed by international certifications and the success stories of our current clients.

If you are looking for a translation agency in Barcelona for your translation projects into Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or any other language, Overseas Translations will be your best ally.

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