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Overseas Translations provides the ACB with sports translations and assistance in international communication.

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The Spanish Basketball Clubs Association, better known as the ACB, is a sports organisation that protects the interests of Spanish professional basketball clubs. The ACB League is Spain’s main professional basketball league and one of the most prominent in Europe.

We help to transfer and disseminate the ACB’s corporate communications to overseas coaches and players so as to facilitate their integration.



The entry into force of the new ACB Professional Basketball Collective Bargaining Agreement provides for the translation of employment contracts for both foreign coaches and players.
This facilitates the understanding of the conditions agreed between both parties, the player or coach, and the club where the activity will take place.

In addition, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety protocol to guide the ACB throughout the competition is undergoing translation in record time.

Our team of specialised native-speaking translators with experience in the sports and legal field allows us to undertake translations for ACB with all premium quality guarantees.

Every sports translation process is led and monitored by a Project Manager and Overseas Translations’ own multidisciplinary and multilingual team with experience in the sports sector and real understanding of its specific requirements.



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