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Internationalisation in the cosmetic industry: the power of translation

Translation in the cosmetic industry

The beauty sector is extremely prominent in Spain. We’re a global leader in perfumes and cosmetics and one of the top 10 exporters worldwide. Therefore, translation plays a key role in the Spanish beauty sector.

Are you already operating internationally, but don’t know how to take the plunge? If you want your beauty brand to keep growing and strengthen its position in the international market, you should invest in translation. This article outlines how translation in the beauty sector can help you reach any destination.

The cosmetic industry today

Cosmetics is one of the world’s leading industries. On the one hand, it manufactures and distributes products that we use on a daily basis. On the other hand, it’s a sector shaped and driven by creativity and current trends. Using influencer marketing on social media, many small brands were able to and continue to significantly increase their sales volume.

The Spanish cosmetic industry comprises some rather distinctive company profiles. Did you know that 84% of beauty brands are SMEs? In other words, brands that foster innovation, growth, development and creativity. In fact, just look at the Spanish products currently on the market. Manufacturers like you have shown that they recognise the value of using various raw materials and transforming them into unique products for everyday use.

According to Stanpa (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics), exports exceed even those of wine and olive oil. For these two reasons the Spanish beauty sector stands out: first of all, it comprises a cluster of small, innovative businesses with a lot to offer; secondly, international customers appreciate our products and their ingredients.

Nonetheless, this context poses some challenges. If you export a large part of your products, you must market them in the buyer’s language. This implies hiring a translation service for cosmetic labels and packaging, for instance. Otherwise, you might make mistakes that could discredit your brand.

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The importance of translation in the cosmetic industry

Due to the role of the beauty market in our country, translation in this sector has become indispensable. To sell your product abroad, you need to speak the customer’s language. This brings numerous benefits, as follows:

Benefits of translation in the cosmetic industry: Enhanced customer experience

Have you already considered translating the labels and packaging of your beauty products? Our business ethos compels us to ensure the customers receive the very best experience. So, just as you carefully select the ingredients of your product, you must take equally great care in ensuring the customer will use it correctly. To this end, it is essential to get a correct translation of the instructions and conditions of use, for example.

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Benefits of translation in the cosmetic industry: Expand into new markets

Why limit yourself to the national market when the whole world awaits you? Let as many people as possible enjoy in their language your carefully selected ingredients and formula, translated by a member of our linguist team. Please note that all our translators are professional native speakers of the target language and comply with the requirements of the ISO standards to which we are certified.

Benefits of translation in the cosmetic industry: The internationalisation of beauty brands

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your product on the shelves of shops around the world? This is possible by internationalising your beauty brand, which will involve much more than just translating labels and packaging.

Why not start with a market study of your main importing country, an international SEO, or turning your blog multilingual? Our linguists specialised in the cosmetic industry will meet your needs to help you take your beauty brand global.

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Examples of translation in the cosmetic industry

You already understand the cosmetic industry in Spain and know a few benefits of translation. Wondering what exactly you should translate to expand into other markets? Here are some ways that translation can help you reach a much wider audience in the beauty sector:

Translate cosmetic labels and packaging

Let’s call this the rudiments of translation in the cosmetic industry. Why? You want the user to recognise all the effort you’ve put into your product. If you are looking for this type of translation, do not hesitate to contact us now. It’s a very cost-effective service that helps prevent any blunders that could damage your brand.

Another effective way to introduce your business in a foreign market is to translate brochures, catalogues and even videos, which is something many of our clients in the cosmetic and beauty sector already do.

Translation of websites in the cosmetic industry

The website is the storefront of the 21st century. It becomes especially valuable if you export, since it allows you to sell anywhere in the world. That is why it’s essential to let professionals translate your website.

We know the many machine translations services available nowadays, often chosen “to get it over and done with”. Their outcome is often poor and troublesome. How many times have you seen a website that has been translated automatically and rolled your eyes? Don’t let any machine translator tarnish your brand and image.

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SEO translation and content creation

Have you invested in your Spanish website SEO? You should also invest in SEO translation. Having your website in other languages is all very well, but if you want it to appear in international search engines, you should hire additional services. Why? Unfortunately, translating the website alone is not enough for good positioning. Make sure not to neglect SEO and content creation in another language.

Our team in charge of specialised translation services for the cosmetic industry knows the right tools to take your brand global. They don’t only know inside out the market you will be selling into; they also possess all the knowledge and tools to position you in the search engines of your new customers.

These are just some examples of the texts most requested by our clients in the cosmetic industry. Do you have other needs or want to work on a different project? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Specialised translation services for the cosmetic industry

Bear in mind that the beauty sector comprises various different areas of expertise. What would cosmetics be without chemistry; would we sell the same without marketing knowledge? For these reasons, it is essential that the person in charge of translating your text pays special attention to terminology as well as applying the appropriate marketing strategies of the target country.

These are just two reasons why it is so important to hire specialised translation services in the cosmetic industry. If you want to protect your brand image, take your business global and expand into new markets, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Overview of translation in the cosmetic industry

The Spanish beauty sector is vibrant, inventive and of international relevance. To succeed in this context, you should hire translation services for two reasons. Firstly, to take care of and maintain the image of your products and brand. And secondly, to expand into new markets and sell your products anywhere you want. Are you ready to explore new markets and embark on a rewarding adventure? Contact us and let’s make it happen.

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